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Welcome to Spooky Truth Productions! 


Primarily working in documentary, comedy, children’s programming and food our productions have earned ten Emmy awards, three New York Festivals medals, three Cine Golden Eagle awards, three Tellys and countless migraine headaches.


Since forming Spooky Truth Productions in 1999, I’ve directed/produced hundreds of hours of programming for clients including: NBC, CBS, Food Network, Discovery Channel, Court TV, YES Network, WE, HGTV, Odyssey Networks, and PBS. 


We’ve been fortunate enough to tell the stories of: bike messengers, garbage men, comic book artists, movie stars, paparazzi and my favorite topic, New York City. 


Our first independent documentary, The Everyday, which profiles a community of Benedictine monks, has aired nationally on PBS and has two Emmys to its credit. 

I’m proud to say that all of productions follow a core set of beliefs:


  • TV should never be hurtful and is always better when it helps.

  • Tell great stories by accentuating the truth, not by amplifying the lowest common denominator.

  • Great stories are all around us, waiting patiently for their tellers.

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